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4th Of July Date: Jul 2nd @ 7:44pm EDT
Hey guys I am so excited for this! All winnings will help me get my SCOOTER!
1 Basket = 1 month FC & 4 mins free OR Snapchat Forever
2 Baskets = 2 months FC & 7 mins FREE
4 Baskets = 6 months FC/Custom content & 9 mins FREE
6 Baskets = 6 months FC & 15 mins FREE & 2016 PhotoBook

Big Bang! Date: Jun 30th @ 9:56pm EDT
The Flirt4Free's annual BIG BANG PROMO IS HERE!

Get Excited bc I am!

With prizes galore & even more chances to win!

Cum Check Out ALLLL I have!

Words With Meaning Date: Jun 28th @ 12:29pm EDT

(v) To do something with soul, creativity, or love to put something of yourself into your work.

Im just gunna leave this right here :D
Another Badge :D Date: Jun 25th @ 4:51pm EDT
Hey Everyone I am not sure if any of you are a VOD (video on demand) lover, but If you are and you watch mine (even if its on occasion) please take a few mins to review it / comment on it! I am trying to get some more badges and posting reviews on my VOD's will help me get it :D

Kisses & Kisses
Places #1 Date: Jun 25th @ 9:04am EDT
Im going to start making lists of where i would love to travel too & to see what :D i think by doing this you may start to see more of me & my thoughts!

Place of the day I would love to visit is...

I am pretty sure that you can figure this one out for yourself:D
Daily Quote Date: Jun 25th @ 8:44am EDT
"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only remembers to turn on the light"

-Albus Dumbledore
Fanclub Date: Jun 24th @ 3:49pm EDT
Im sure you are aware that our fanclub has been budding and growing larger & larger!
Both with # of PINKERS & # of content & perks!
I have decided once we hit 4 hours of video content whiich should be about 4 more videos I am increasing the # of credits to join.

NO, its not going to be 500 or 1000... thats just ridiculous... but I am thinking about the 250 - 280 range.

I just wanted to give you all a heads up :D

kisses & kisses

Quote Of The Day Date: Jun 24th @ 3:19pm EDT
"You don't have to be a superhero to find the right girl. the right girl will bring out the superhero in you"

Roadtrip Date: Jun 22nd @ 9:27am EDT
On my way heading up to the Waterpark & to be honest.... I freaking wish I could just take all of you with me. I love having fun & embarking on new adventures but I truly wish you guys were next to me, see my smile, hear my laugh and so much more!

Goodmorning :D Date: Jun 20th @ 6:39am EDT
I love Mondays! Let's you get a great start to your week & make sure that you get the week started right :D


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