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Motivation Monday Date: May 8th @ 11:59am EDT
Goodmorning Boys,

I was just wondering.... what motivated you to start the week of good & right?

I mean for me its a strong cup of coffee, my furries & of course you!

PLUS... a morning orgasm doesn't hurt... am I right :)

Well.... I am off to get ready to log in & I hope that you will let ME be what motivates you on mondays, so I can be what makes your week GREAT!

See you soon!

My Birthday Date: Jan 24th @ 8:45pm EST
Hey Everyone!

Just a GIANT shout out to EVERYONE that helped make my Birthday Special! I am so glad that I could be home and with you on my special day!

Kisses & Kisses

Love, Summer
Fanclub Video #42 Date: Nov 27th @ 10:37pm EST
We start out with a black lace garter belt, nude cuban toe thigh highs & 8 inch stilletos!

I tease you with my long sexy toned legs, slowly showing you my pantieless sweetness.

Grinding and Swinging my hips seducing you with every move!

Fanclub Video #41 Date: Nov 15th @ 4:16am EST
Let me tease you with my little sexy feet & watch your cock get rock hard! I keep teasing your cock isn't ready for them quite yet... Finally I take your cock out and slowly start rubbing my feet all over & up & down! Please make sure you watch till the end for a sweet sweet sweet surprise!
Gym Clips Date: Oct 23rd @ 6:23pm EDT
Just Imagine... Date: Oct 18th @ 4:50am EDT
You wake up to the savory scents on bacon, eggs, waffles, cheese and your favorite cup or coffee or tea.... you walk slowly into the kitchen since you are still waking up.... and there you stand in the entrance of the kitchen seeing my in my black pantent heels, and a short little white apron.... I look over and see your cock hardening... I simply say goodmorning sweetie would you like some breakfast :D

Lets finish this roleplay together in private or join my fanclub today to get access to my currently 40 videos and just another one being added this week or a certain little me in a certain little white apron!

Kisses & Kisses
Halloween 2016 Date: Oct 11th @ 11:54pm EDT
Guys, Halloween is around the corner and we ALL know that its my FAVORITE Holiday!

I am so excited to see how you guys like my costumes :D

This Year... I will be sporting Ariel The Mermaid, Wednesday Addams, and Lady Robin Hood :D

Remember that if you love my costume for the day.... that you should be voting for it :D

Kisses & Kisses

New Fanclub Coming On MONDAY Date: Aug 20th @ 5:50pm EDT
I am going to do a nice video that I am going to entitle "The Wet & Wild BJ"

Yes, It does take place in my showe & a nice t ich flesh colored realistic dildo that suctions onto the side of my shower :D

Join my fanclub today for immediate & unlimited access along with 28 other videos & over 420 photos!

Pokemon Go? Date: Jul 25th @ 10:32am EDT
Ok today is day 3 of poke go I will let you know what happens :D Is your pokedex better than mine?
SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT Date: Jul 18th @ 1:48am EDT

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